Demonstration at Eastleigh Airport, Southampton UK. March 2017


Amsterdam RAI

October 2014


We had pleasure in loaning one of our SLGs to Elite Helicopters who handled the air operations a Helitech Exhibition.

The SLG guided the helicopters to the temporary helipad set up outside the RAI exhibition centre in a broad range of weather conditions varying from bright sunshine to fog.



Spotlight on Signal Light Guns

A new design LED signal light gun is introduced to the world marketplace.  The new SLG has been designed for simple and practical use at Air Traffic Control Towers, Helipads, Heliports and Offshore Helicopter Platforms where it is essential to have a fail-safe communication capability in case of a failure in conventional ground to air and ground to ground radio communications.

Presently a good many airports still use signal lamps designed back in the 1950’s which are heavy, need mains power and some require manual change of the coloured lenses.

The new SLG light gun has been specifically designed to be lightweight (2.1kgs), battery operated and most importantly simple to use.  The illuminated light selection push button panel in front of the operator ensures the correct colour is easily selected, the two position light trigger allows it to be used in continual mode or flashing for Morse code.

The LEDs have a minimum life 30,000 hours, and have been designed in an array to reach a minimum of 3 miles / 4.8km in clear daytime conditions and has been tested at an 8 mile range.  The brightness of the new light allows it to be used from inside the tower through tinted glass.

There are no mains cables attached to operate the SLG as it is powered by a rechargeable Lithium battery that is charged in 3 hours from flat. To enable the user to pick up and operate the SLG quickly, it is stored in a specially designed heavy duty easy access holder/cradle that can be placed on or near the controller’s desk. The storage unit has space for the charger in the base so the unit can be left on charge if required when not in use.

A simple sight, designed for operation with both eyes open, allows the operator to easily locate and signal the approaching aircraft or ground movement.

The SLG is compliant with the advice given in UK CAP393, The Air Navigation Order and ICAO Annex 14 Vol 1.

The company provide a 2 year return to base warranty.