Aviation Signal Lamp

For the control of aircraft in the air and on the ground along with the control of vehicle and personnel movement.

The LED SLG light gun has been specifically designed to be lightweight and instantly ready for use, for when radio communications are interrupted or unavailable. The Signal Light Gun becomes the voice of the Air Traffic Controller when it is not possible to use voice communications or when radio silence is a mission critical requirement.


  • Completely portable and cordless
  • Simple to operate
  • Lightweight – 2.3kgs, with 2 easy grip handles and sighting scope for ease of use when pointing at the moving or stationary aircraft.
  • Finger operated robust trigger with 2 positions for morse code or continuous beam.
  • Press button colour selectors ensure the correct colour is activated
  • Positioned ready for use in the ATC tower in a non-slip cradle with charger incorporated
  • The new design LED light cluster provides in excess of 50,000 hours of use, with minimal power consumption.
  • Lithium battery for a long life
  • Integral charger maintains full charge to the light whether in its own cradle or kept in storage box.
  • 8 hours continuous use on one charge
  • A tailor made carrying case is supplied.

The signal light gun has applications in many sections of air safety including: offshore helicopter operations, air ambulance signalling and for police air operations.

 Instant ATC communication for when radio silence is required, or interrupted. 
The SLG high performance light will work from inside the visual control room, through the tinted glass.

Heavy duty desk top cradle to hold signal lamp

Signal Light Gun with Desk Cradle and Carrying Case

Aviation Light Signals