LED Signal Light Gun

Robust hand held LED Signal Light Gun

Instantly ready for use.  Intended to be kept at or close to controller’s operating position, not in a transit case.   Visibility greater than 4.1 miles/6.6 km under clear daytime conditions. Three push button-selected colours:  GREEN/WHITE/RED.
Light source all LED [light emitting diodes]. No need for spare lamps; LEDs have life of in excess of 50,000 hours before failure and because of low power consumption LEDs give light gun continual usage time from fully charged of 8 hours.

The unit comes complete with its own charger, a secure case for transportation, also provided is a desk-top, non-slip cradle designed for immediate access, therefore no delays in responding to emergencies.

*  Simple and easy to use

*  Manufactured from a heavy duty ABS plastic moulding

*  Comes complete with charger, carrying case and desk-top cradle

*  Visibility greater than 4.1 miles under clear daytime conditions

*  Three colours GREEN WHITE RED all LED

*  Push button activation with selected colour indicator.
On/Off indicator to avoid draining the battery whilst in stowage position.

*  2 position switch for morse code or for continuous use

*  Lightweight 2.3kgs with Lithium battery

*  Sighting scope

*  Lamp continual usage time from fully charged 8hrs

*  Lithium battery with 90 – 240 VAC 50-60Hz 0.9A charger
with diagnostic charging LED

*  The Signal Lamp can be charged in the stowed position.
Charge time 3hrs (can be used while recharging)

*  Suitable for use with international voltages

Lightweight hand held signal gun

Battery operated, supplied with charger.

Lightweight and easy to operate Signal Light Gun.